Graco E20 Spray Foam Rigs

Graco E20 Foam Rig (GRX16E20R150)

Graco E20 Spray Foam Insulation Rig w/ Generator Room

Spray Foam Rig with Combustion Appliance Room

  • Graco E20 Reactor
  • Graco AP Fusion Gun
  • 150 feet Graco heated hose
  • 10 feet Graco heated whip hose
  • Graco T3 chemical transfer pumps (2)
  • Refrigerated air dryer
  • Gas compressor
  • Generator
  • 7 x 16ft. Cargo trailer
  • Trailer configuration includes combustion appliance room in the trailer nose
  • Chemical supply system installation
  • Chemical recirculation system installation
  • Electric service installation & overhead LED lighting
  • Pressurized air distribution system installation
  • Aluminum work station
  • Custom diamond-plate hose rack
  • Grey slip-resistant floor
  • White vinyl walls and ceiling
  • Heated hose/power cord efficient access door
  • Sprayer accessory tools
  • Gun cleaning tools, lithium grease, can of spray release, safety glasses, coverall suit, first aid kit, eye wash station, nitrile gloves

$47,600 for the package described above with all of the options listed.  Respectable base packages with a generator in this trailer layout (with a combustion appliance room) with fewer options can be reduced to $45,600.

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