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Graco E20 Spray Rig (SCB10E20R50)

Graco E20 Spray Foam Insulation Machine Trailer Package

The Graco E20 spray foam rig equipment package (SCB10E20R50) is a Core Base Package; it's intended for the Hustling Bootstrap-Entrepreneur who's on a mission with a tight budget.  This is a complete mobile spray foam rig that is operational, but you need to have a strategy, and we can help you determine if this could be right for you.  The goal behind this equipment package is to provide thirsty spray foam entrepreneurs with an opportunity.  Think of it as being a machine with a strategy in 2018 and lets call it entrepreneurial spray foam contracting 2.0.  This is a respectable machine with limitations, but not permanent limitations.  We are here to help you get to where you need to go and that's what we intend to do.

Keep in mind that any of these packages can be customized and and they are intended to give you perspective regarding what is available in addition to giving you an actual purchase price for a complete - and operational - mobile spray foam rig from which to grow your business.

Graco Spray Foam Equipment Trailer

  • Graco E20 Reactor
  • Graco AP Fusion Gun
  • 50 feet Graco heated hose
  • 10 feet Graco heated whip hose
  • Graco T1 chemical transfer pumps (2)
  • 7 x 10 x 7 ft. Cargo trailer
  • 5.5hp gas compressor
  • 100 ft. shore power
  • Chemical supply system installation
  • Overhead LED light
  • Pressurized air distribution system installation
  • Graco throat-seal
  • Grease gun & tube

We can customize this package to suit your needs, as always, and while there are limitations to the your Graco spray foam rig's base-cost, we will help you employ a strategy for success based on your budget.  Think of it as contracting strategy 2.0, and welcome to 2018!  There is no longer a reason to not go Graco!

Equipment training comes standard on every spray foam machine package we sell at no additional charge.

On a separate note, but still related to training, we semi-regularly host BPI (Building Performance Institute, Inc.) Certification Training which is the precursor to becoming a Home Performance with Energy Star Contractor throughout the United States.  What this means to you is different depending on what state you live in, but the most obvious benefit to becoming a HPwES Contractor is that you administer financial incentives to your customers to do spray foam work in many of these programs.  You can also use the Energy Star logo as a contractor, among other things.  This is a rigorous (and expensive) week-long training that you can attend for free during our next course with an equipment purchase.  You can learn more about our BPI Building Analyst Certification training here, or call for more information.

We are excited to build a relationship with you on the foundation of your business's success.