Spray Foam Machines & Rigs

Graco E20 Machine (Shore-Power Trailer)

Graco E20 Spray Foam Insulation Rig 

This Graco E20 spray foam insulation machine package is a very budget conscious spray rig, however, it comes standard with components we would encourage your to have in order to to operate most effectively and efficiently, as well as a couple simple, yet effective, upgrades that serve to be beneficial for functional and aesthetic purposes.  The equipment list below exhibits the complete package.

Graco Spray Foam Equipment Trailer

  • Graco E20 Reactor
  • Graco AP Fusion Gun
  • 100 feet Graco heated hose (110ft total)
  • 10 feet Graco heated whip hose
  • Graco T1 chemical transfer pumps (2)
  • 7x16 ft. Cargo trailer
  • Refrigerated air dryer
  • Electric compressor
  • 100 ft. shore power
  • Chemical supply system installation
  • Chemical recirculation system installation
  • Electric service installation w/ GFI outlets & overhead LED lighting
  • Pressurized air distribution system installation
  • Aluminum work station
  • Custom diamond-plate hose rack
  • Extra Graco Fusion gun parts

The package described above can be customized to meet your needs.

As always, feel free to call with any questions you may have.