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Graco E20 Spray Rig (GFX16E20R150)

Graco E20 Spray Foam Rig w/ Generator

Your looking at a really nice complete Graco E20 spray foam rig trailer package for a great value price here.  This spray foam rig package was carefully thought about to give you the most functionality and convenience at the best price, while also being aesthetically nice to look at.  Overall, this package has some built in qualities that - when priced separately - would add up to more than the price tag on this machine!

Graco Spray Machine & Mobile Trailer Package

  • Graco E20 Reactor 
  • Graco AP Fusion Gun
  • 150 feet Graco heated hose
  • 10 feet Graco heated whip hose
  • Graco T1 chemical transfer pumps (2)
  • Refrigerated air dryer
  • 5.5HP Gas compressor
  • 15kW Generator
  • 7 x 16 x 7 ft. Cargo trailer
  • Chemical supply system
  • Chemical recirculation system
  • Electric service & overhead LED lighting
  • Pressurized air distribution system
  • Aluminum work station
  • Custom diamond-plate hose rack
  • Grey slip-resistant floor
  • White vinyl walls and ceiling
  • Heated hose/power cord efficient 12"x12" access door
  • Bottle of throat-seal for machine
  • Cleanup/extra chemical storage station w/ glove dispenser
  • Mask/Suit rack
  • Organic vapors full-face mask
  • Sprayer accessory tools
  • Spare gun parts

Package described above is shown in the photos.  

The complete spray foam rig package described above with all of the listed options is generally in stock and can be picked up or delivered to you upon scheduleing.  

Equipment training comes standard on every spray foam machine package we sell at no additional charge.

We also offer Home Performance with Energy Star contractor certification training at no additional charge when you purchase your spray foam equipment and materials with us, however, this training is not your spray foam equipment training.  You can learn more about our BPI Building Analyst Certification training here.  You can also call if you would like more information.

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