Open Cell Spray Foam - UPC Classic 0.5lb Open Cell

Open Cell Spray Foam - UPC 0.5lb Classic

ThermalGuard OC.5 is a high-yield, open cell, Class 1 fire-rated, 100% water-blown spray polyurethane foam insulation designed for use in residential and commercial walls, attics and roof decks. When applied, ThermalGuard OC.5 expands to over 100 times in size in approximately 4 seconds, filling and sealing building cavities of any shape and size. It is sprayer-friendly, offering a wide application window and temperature tolerance and excellent adhesion when installed in cold temperatures down to 15°F.

ThermalGuard OC.5 seals and insulates in one step, helping property owners reduce energy consumption by up to 50% when compared to conventional insulation systems. Its superior thermal insulation, sealant and sound attenuation properties contribute to a healthy, quiet and more energy efficient building.