Graco E30 Spray Foam Rig (E30SFX16R100)

Graco E30 Reactor 2 Spray Foam Insulation Rig 

We build custom spray foam rigs so call us if you're curious about options or if you have any questions:  1-800-674-FOAM (3626)

Our Recommended Graco E30 Foam Rig Base Packages Normally Include:

  • Graco E30 Reactor 2 (with 10.3 kW chemical heaters)
  • Graco AP Fusion spray foam gun
  • T3 Graco Transfer Pumps (quantity 2)
  • 100 feet of Graco high-pressure heated hose
  • 10 foot heated whip
  • Chemical supply lines
  • Chemical recirculation lines
  • 5hp electric compressor
  • Refrigerated air dryer
  • 100 feet of shore power cable.
  • Electrical distribution system with GFI receptacles and LED surface lighting
  • 7 x 16ft cargo trailer with 2 ft. V-nose
  • Aluminum work station
  • Custom diamond-plate hose rack
  • White vinyl walls and ceiling
  • Diamond-plate floor, ramp, and ramp flap
  • Pressurized air distribution system installation
  • Gun cleaning tools, lithium grease, can of spray release, safety glasses, coverall suit, first aid kit, eye wash station, nitrile gloves

Customization & Options

We offer a wide range of standard options, and more advanced customization is also available to meet your needs.  Feel free to call or visit us online for a same day quote at 1-800-674-FOAM (3626) or