Spray Foam Machines & Rigs

Graco A25 Spray Foam Machine Package (GFX16A25R150)

Graco A25 Spray Foam Equipment Trailer

Keeping with the reliable - yet affordable - equipment lineup of the Graco A25 machine, this package is an upgraded model that includes features such as white vinyl walls and a separate generator room at the front of the trailer.  This spray foam rig package is a great contending option.  As usual, it sprays any plural component systems that incorporate a one-to-one ratio mixture and temperature/pressure levels up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and 2000psi, which is perfect for your open-cell and closed-cell spray foam application needs.

Graco A25 Spray Foam Rig Items

  • Graco A25 Reactor
  • Graco AP Fusion Gun
  • 150 feet Graco heated hose  (160ft total Graco Heated Hose)
  • 10 feet Graco heated whip hose
  • Graco T3 chemical transfer pumps (2)
  • 7x16ft. Cargo trailer
  • White vinyl (chemical/work room) & grey slip-resistant floor
  • Separate generator room at front of trailer in v-nose
  • 35 CFM gas compressor
  • 12kW electric generator
  • Chemical supply system installation
  • Electrical system installation, power outlets, overhead LED light
  • Pressurized air distribution system installation
  • Graco throat-seal
  • Grease gun & tube
  • Replacement O-ring kit
  • Gun cleaning tools, lithium grease, can of spray release, safety glasses, coverall suit, first aid kit, eye wash station, nitrile gloves

Customization is always available, but in general this is a winning machine for affordability, and overall strength and ability.  

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